Innovation of Video Production Evolving Landscape

Industry Shaping: Trend and Innovation of Video Production Evolving Landscape

In the world of business video production has become an important force. With the fast-changing and developing digital era communication, and entertainment quickly becomes an essential part of the business. The video production industry is undergoing a big transformation as a result of many technological, consumer developments and shifting consumer expectations, bringing in new trends that are changing how videos are being produced, shared across different mediums, and consumed by users based on emotional expectations. Today, we would like to examine the newest developments, trends and technology advancements that are influencing the current stage of video production today.

Arising Vertical And Short Video Content

The fast expansion of social media and decreasing attention span of audiences caused vertical videos and short-form content to make their way faster and further.  Bite sized entertainment is such a bop nowadays and gaining popularity on apps such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat. Hence, it makes it difficult for video creators to hold onto a shortened format. With the need for a variety of different contents that is fairly unusual today. Since they offer a more engaging watching experience, vertical videos are the preferred choice for drawing in smartphone users.

Interactive And Immersive Experiences

Interactive videos are becoming more popular because they let viewers engage with the content directly. These films frequently have clickable features, hotspots, and branching narratives so that viewers can customize the plot to suit their tastes. Aside from that, the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies has made immersive experiences possible, allowing viewers to explore fascinating virtual worlds while blurring the boundaries between fact and fantasy.

User-generated Content And Authenticity

Consumers are drawn to content that is authentic and represents their experiences and sentiments more and more. User-generated content (UGC), has become a potent tool for video creation since it connects with people better and fosters a sense of community engagement. User-generated content (UGC) is being used by brands to boost trust, loyalty, and authenticity by showcasing actual customer interactions with their products or services through testimonials and reviews.

Real-Time Engagement and Live Streaming

The way audiences consume information and engage with brands has changed as a result of live streaming. Live videos give a sense of exclusivity and immediacy for everything from product launches to live events. A deeper connection can be forged by engaging viewers in real-time through live chat and Q&A sessions since it allows for immediate feedback and individualized interactions.

Personalization and Recommendations Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence has encroached on the world of video production, changing personalization and content recommendations. AI systems look at user behaviour, preferences, and viewing trends to generate personalized video suggestions. Personalization not only enhances the user experience but also helps marketers and content creators better target specific demographics.

Eco-friendly And Sustainable Practices

Many video production companies today are implementing a different approach to execution. They are implementing an eco-friendly practice and measure to reduce their carbon impact that is affecting the environment.  This is also a response to the rising environmental awareness that is ongoing for the betterment of our home. This includes using energy-efficient tools, camera lights and audio equipment. In a post-production setting production houses would be using eco-friendly power regulations, cutting waste, and putting sustainable production practices into practice. Eco-friendly video creation is becoming more and more important as companies and businesses are far more tuned to these matters. Consumers are also more inclined to a commitment to sustainability.

Hybrid Content For Distribution Across Multiple Platforms

Video producers are embracing hybrid content that adapts naturally to many formats and channels as people diversify their media consumption across various devices. Video production firms may efficiently reach a wide range of audience segments by repurposing material for various platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and OTT streaming services.


Success in the rapidly evolving world of video production depends on staying on top of trends and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. A few of the revolutionary trends reshaping the market right now include short-form content, vertical videos, interactive experiences, user-generated content, live streaming, sustainability, and hybrid content. As video production develops, it offers businesses, content producers, and marketers great options to attract viewers, build enduring relationships, and make a significant impact in a digital world dominated by visual storytelling. Video production firms can establish themselves as trailblazers in this dynamic and rising industry by embracing these trends and leveraging the power of creativity and technology.

How to measure corporate video’

How To Measure Corporate Video’s ROI

Corporate videos are common use today and play a crucial role in many presentations delivering messages and launching a new idea or a business.  Although it has significant advantages, the main challenge is determining its return on investment ROI. This is because corporate videos can potentially be very expensive but hard to measure as there is no proper platform to present them with a great tracking analytics system. Today the common tracking analytic system that is being used is of the common social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. But corporate videos are commonly represented face-to-face to an audience. Here are some methods that we can explore on the strategies for business-to-business that can measure their return on investment of the corporate videos.

A Clear Objective

Before getting into ways to measure a great return on investment it is very important to establish an absolutely crystal clear objective for each video that’s been presented, each objective must have a clearly intended goal that is defined and very specific if the goal is not specific enough the idea of tracking or identifying the return of investment gets harder and harder. Whether it’s to educate employees about new processes and methods or influence potential clients to make a specific investment decision or present a brand’s product and services, a well-defined purpose sets a great opening and meaningful evaluation. 

This process involves collaborating between the company and the agency or production team to ensure clear and aligned goals between everyone and allows the team to customise its video theme style and treatment accordingly. For example, if the objective is to give good educational content to the employees to work more efficiently on a particular machinery creative team will start to track the targeted potential employees and before-and-after response perhaps by time perhaps by if it’s efficiency or perhaps by the retention rate on a turn-around rate of employment. This conversion rate allows a company to know the response of the video’s return of the video’s investment one way or the other just by simply setting a clear and defined objective.


Feedbacks are a great source of data when measuring the return yield of corporate video production. These can be a form of question and answers by a form or a Q&A session. Allowing quantitative metrics to be measured right at your presentation moment. In this case, as feedback is being presented after the video has been shown these can be considered as a data being remarked,  with more data equal to more feedback which will allow you to have a larger number on the statistic and better survey options.

This process should be conducted right immediately after the video is presented to enable attendees to provide real-time feedback as this is just newly presented therefore the memories are fresh, and their ideas are genuine ideas on the forefront of their minds. The questions however should focus on the clarity of the video effectiveness of the message delivery and how much influence a video has upon the decision-making at all. The questions also can be used to enquire about the alignment and goals of the company and the viewers. If it is not then steps and actions can be taken on a management level.

Engagement Analysis

During a video presentation, measuring the audience’s engagement during its presentation about the content of the video and seeing if it captures the attention and interest of the audience is one of the ways to measure its impact. This metric can be done by analysing the questions being asked during the presentation, monitoring discussions after the video has been presented among the attendees, and various social listening tools can be used to assess if there is an online response. If it is an offline response teams may dispatch around key areas to actively listen and to discuss with fellow audiences. Audiences who are engaged in the topics of the video are likely to return with the information and act accordingly. Resulting in a successful corporate video. Therefore we should aim to captivate audiences and lead them into a desired action.

In summary, measuring the return on investment of a corporate video presented in meetings or a physical setting requires a multifaceted methodology to consider the digital quantitative and physical quantitative data. This can only be achieved by a clearly defined objective, gathering great and distinctive feedback, analysing and assessing the engagement throughout the event or if it’s an online setting then it will be an online digital assessment and engagement impact analysis that the video has according to the audiences, ideally to make a more desired action towards your video. Understanding these strategies and methodology may prove to be a powerful tool in optimising the videos that are meant by your company.

Brand Using Corporate And Commercial Videos

A Multifaceted Approach For Your Brand Using Corporate And Commercial Videos

In this new and dynamic evolving world in corporate sectors and commercial entities the change of marketing uses is rapidly evolving videos and commercials are used as a multipurpose tool that embodies creativity, the technology of the company and the psychology to captivate your audiences. As a pioneer video production company, we want to craft compelling stories and relate to tell a narrative and produce great storytelling for your company. Here are some of the benefits why videos can offer to boost your brand both in identity and influence to your audience.

Deep Audience Connection By Emotive Storytelling

We have come to an era where human emotions are the main core of all businesses. In order to generate relevance to your brand, your efforts, the cause of the company, corporate videos and commercials allow us to transcend that sphere of tapping into the core human emotions. These emotions allow companies to garner loyalty and transform viewers into customers. With These progressive steps, the company’s growth will be on a positive trajectory. But what is emotive storytelling? Emotive storytelling is a process of finding and searching and most importantly understanding the core emotion of your audiences. Allowing us to transform from just audiences into customers. When we are able to identify what emotions or what drives that decision creating a story or content based on the drive would be beneficial to drive the video into an emotive storytelling

From Complex Information To Simplify Emotions

Every company and business has extensive information about their services or products to a level of detail that can not be missed. However, it’s important to translate these details into simple information for our audiences to relate to. Corporate videos and commercials allow complex information to be digested with elegance and simplicity. It is through simplicity that audiences can better digest and acknowledge the information that your company has and applies it to their own values. The method of transforming complex information into simplified emotions requires great scrutiny of core important points to be included in the video. These core important points are then required to be rescripted into the needs of our audiences. However, if there is too long of information it will be overwhelming and potentially bore our audiences, as a rule of thumb it is one page per minute so a corporate video is encouraged to not have more than 3 minutes therefore a three-pager script would be suitable for a corporate video Malaysia.

Cinematic And Aesthetics Perception

As a video production company, we commit to the excellence of your video. We identify that it is important to have great aesthetics and cinematic brilliance for your brand. Besides an intensive preparation behind the scenes, there is a need to identify the perspective of your audiences and the desire to which you are targeted. Therefore it is important to elegantly create an aesthetic experience that suits and relates to your audience. As an example, if your audiences are towards elegant product purchases The video then requires us to prepare aesthetically to suit an elegant approach.

The Future Of Immersive Experiences

With the advancement of technology, corporate videos and now transforming into a sphere of augmented and virtual reality applications this allows personalised storytelling that can relate and immerse consumers into the brand of your storytelling. By immersing audiences into this immersive experience it allows connection and it fast is the level of brand loyalty that may be beneficial for the business. Immersive experience technology has yet to be fully discovered there is a lot of potential for bigger growth in all sectors it is advisable for companies to start venturing into it and understand the potential to grow from the immersive experience

Finally, beyond the surface of aesthetic and visual captivation great content is important to include in a corporate video or a commercial video is a multifaceted approach that requires more than beyond conventional marketing. Emotions, creating simplicity, and generating brand audiences, are essential to a video. As a video production house, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of getting great content to your audiences. We would consider the order points above in order to maximise the potential of the videos that we are about to embark on.