3 Tips On How To Wisely Choose A Video Production Company


In any industry it will commonly come a point when you need to look around and figure out which production company you are going to hire. Among the many reasons of why the deciding processes is so complicated, one of the most prominent one is to avoid “buyers remorse” in fear that the video will “FAIL” <click fore more information. So the question is, where do you start? One of the most popular methods is to google “video production Malaysia”  and send a project brief enquiry to the whole list of page 1-2 and start mindlessly working through the results.

Is this really the best method? Sure, it maybe something to begin with but, you can be more strategic in your processes so that your expectations of the video will have better ROI and not becoming a failure results on the back end. Here are 3 tips on how to choose a video production company to get the best ROI results out of your video.

1. Review Past Project

Although, this may seem pretty common. But, as you’re reviewing the quality of their past work from the different video companies, the first thing first, is not to look at the specific video style you want ; but what are the variety of quality projects experiences. Versatility is the key, being adaptable of different project styles translates to the experiences of the team and that the team knows the expectations for various projects.  Even if it may not be something that you specifically want, but with a season experience professionals they can dissect your expectations much better. This may lead to a potentially different, creative and innovative perspective to your expectations and angles.  If they have a limited or only one video style (even if it is what you are looking for) that may mean that the team do not have enough experience to understand the different expectations from another style aside that what they usually do. Therefore unable to provide you a different perspective.

Looking through their past clientele list is also a great way to review the complexity of the past project. Nevertheless, some clients will have a clause to not have their brand associate with a production house, which they can present to you personally in a face to face meeting.

2. Willingness To Understand and Assist Your Expectations

Once a while we receive procurement department asking “ just give us a quote on the following items..” sometimes you just want a comparative quote but, if the production house just offer a return quote without first seek to understand your expectations then they may not have your vested interest to achieve your expectations. But if they begin asking more questions in an attempt to understand your expectations further, pushing back on your request to just send a quote reveals a great deal about the character of the company.

Ask yourself. Did they take the time to ask you questions about your target audience and your business goals before discussing the specifics of your project? You want to engage a video production company that is marketing oriented and understands your target audiences and their point of influence in introducing your brand message in the video.

3. Price vs. Quality

Price matters, but what are you getting for that price? Unfortunately there is a myth in understanding that engaging a video production company is like buying through a grocery list. Therefore, the lesser items you pick the smaller the budget. It is true to a certain extent. But can this approach guarantee that the video will meet your targeted expectations? It is important to assess if the video resources set by the production company is going to comprehensively look at your expectations and make a good assessment of the budget at hand. Having reduce the items or requesting a discount on the overall price is great, but what is the professional feedback from the video production house? Are there alternative options that allows a similar (close enough) results but cheaper method? Did they just saying yes to your discount to close you as a client? It is very important to gauge if the production company cares for the quality of the video in meeting your expectations while at the same time paying attention to the budget limitations.

Following these 3 tips when evaluating video production companies. These tips, will surely sharpen your decisions and ultimately enable you to identify the company that best suited your needs.

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