Is Video Marketing Just “noise”

marketing-man-person-communicationThroughout the years there is a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. Especially with different tactics and approach in marketing efforts that was likely streamlined through your team will surely come across video marketing as a viable approach. But with different range of budgets which may be very cheap or very expensive and there being only a handful of analysis methods to show for it. It may seem like it is a never ending battle to be relevent.pexels-photo-66134

But in 2018 and 2019 it was clear that there was a sudden bloom of video demand. It evolved from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy. On the flipside the amount of content there is available may generalize it to be “noise”.

As competitiveness of various industries rises, the abundance of noise and video advertising visual pollution rises as well. So what does the coming years mean for video marketing? The answer is simple. It is the marketing video with a holistic business approach that will prove results. Meaning video content that is coherent, well thought of and interconnected with the different teams in an actionable and measurable format. In contrast with a singular marketing video without real holistic plan. These contents may risk becoming a victim to the categorization of “noise”

To avoid from being categorize as “noise” many creators tend to lean their methods of “standing out from the sea of noise” by execution styles and designs. But as the options of executing a video style and design are also endless. The better method is to depend on the target and goals of the content. In context there are two very distinctive goals for video marketing, they are, promotional and educational.

Promotionally, targeted viewers will generally be more engaged with videos from brands than other formats, It is more entertaining. Such videos can also be attached with a landing page or a call to action for engagement. With an enticing copy and the word – “Video” alone will increase engagement rates which potentially generate quality leads. This quality leads should then be met with their respective responds and engagement.  

pexels-photo-577210Aside from just a sales and promotional tool. Video can be used as brand or product education to stand as an expert in that market or as a brand in support of a particular movement. To this approach consistency is key. This approach combined with Back-end analytics also helps refine the following up content to better aimed at those who falls on the Specific Target Market (STM). Re-targeting visitors will enable an increase in visitor value. It is because of video analytics on platforms like Facebook has benefited business in getting new customers on social media thanks to video.

It is essential to refine these goals which will provide additional support from the risk of being part of the “noise”. But not restricted to these two, there is a variety to the types of marketing videos.

Stay tuned for more information.