Why Corporate Videos Fail


We know the old question.. What is the ROI for this video?

Being in the media field we constantly engage with marketers and communications officers, we hear reports of how important are campaign’s effectiveness in order to justify budget allocations for media. Even though explainer corporate videos are a great way to spend marketing budgets effectively. Does it really mean that all corporate videos automatically translate into a healthy return on investment?

Of course the answer is a clear, no…

We’ve seen hundreds of videos… After many hours of watching videos and analyzing their impact, we’ve compiled some explanations of what contributes to poor ROI performance.

Before jumping onto the list, it is also important to be clear that everyone has their own expectations on ROI. Therefore company A’s expectations on their own ROI may be different than Company B’s. But the bottom-line is, if that video does not meet expectations It has FAILED

The below list of most frequent examples that contributes to a FAILED corporate video.

1. Budget vs Expectations

We all seen the meme client brief vs client budget. It is important to know that video production costs money, there’s just no way around that fact. But every once in a while we hear stories from videographers getting comments like “but it is just cli12565fb49dc4ff2dc37c630673f44d18cking the record button why is it so expensive?”. As Jennifer Lopez said. “You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.” To obtain a successful video, is to provide a budget equivalent to it. Maybe the target and expectations of the video is not complex and production workload is lesser hence, the cost is lower. But factors such the story, styles, length, complexity of resources and professionals required will eventually raise budget and also the quality of the video.

Similar to a surgery, the more complex the expectation of the video, it is better to engage a team that is much more talented and better experienced. Avoiding buyer’s remorse. Small budgets may result in copy and paste or self prepared scripts before handing over to the production team, stock designs, and limited animation. If your budget is small, you’re often better off using a free tool to create your own corporate videos than hiring someone to create them for you.

Your video will reflect your company online for years to come, therefore, invest in the best possible video from the start.

2. Poor Plan

Failure to plan is planning to fail. A solid plan is a must. A new company has a great idea and a fresh new video then, with great excitement proceed in posting it on social media platforms but with the current complex algorithm the video did not hit their expected ROI then becomes discourage. It is nearly impossible to attract and generate prospect or new recruits and risk contributing to the categorization of “Noise”. One simple example of the many possible plans, is to consider featuring your video using paid ads on social media, with a landing page that leads to your call to action digital enquiry form, this is a great start to gain attention towards your video which in turn to your business. It may require a little bit more investment but, this is a great way to build better engagement experiences and also tells you which content relates to your audiences has work which has FAIL.

3. Great Concept Poor Execution

We all know that great concept or ideas comes and goes, especially if you have a great team to work together and willing enough to go the extra mile to work it out. But if you don’t have a solid team to do the legwork and  don’t have the right amount of resources to get professionals to do the legwork, even a brilliant idea will unfortunately FAIL.

4. Copy paste copy paste

The worst thing that you could do to a video which may reflect poorly on your company corporate or marketing video is….. COPY & PASTING a competitor’s idea. This is one of the worst decisions in the world. We have seen videos which references other videos to a certain extent but to bluntly copy to the dot, is the same as to always fall short one or two steps behind your competitors. It is better to think 2 steps ahead of them of them instead of being behind them on the same road.

5. Time vs budget vs quality

pexels-photo-2251206Never to attempt to rush a project with a small budget. We sometimes call this triangle of doom. Decent deadline, but a low budget, you may still potentially achieve a great quality. But a low budget, tight deadline is a recipe for disaster. With a big budget, on a tight deadline will allow you to hire professionals to do miracles, this still is a viable method. But its better to remember that creative ideas do take time to develop. Make sure that preparations is done as much as possible before starting the project to avoid any unnecessary regrets that will come ahead.

6. No directions

Having all sorts of great ideas but no CALL TO ACTION will just leave your prospect wandering away. Make it a point to leave a very memorable tagline, host or a catchy tune for customer to remember you and where to go next. Never ever confuse a customer with weird and confusing videos, if a customer doesn’t understand the direction and message of a business, the video may risk losing its focus and fail to serve its expected ROI.

7. Short and sweet

Yes the bombastic words may make your company stand out like the heavens and earth, but sometimes choosing the right words or style is important. Think about it and constantly ask if the copy can lead audiences to engage, connect and be relatable or; confused, distant and doubt the brand? Can this copy potentially engage audiences and generate quality prospects? It is important to use words that are short and sweet. Remember THE SAFE ZONE, according to research, we have only 8 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention and if within that 8 seconds you didn’t capture their attention they will just scroll pass your video.

8. Stay focus

It is understandable that Sometimes we want to present best scenery of our office and our huge company space. Sometimes we want to spice things up with fancy moves, angles, actions, slow motions and the list goes on! But, in fact all audiences want is to be related to in an enjoyable experience. That is why it is important to focus on the subject is being presented. No doubt that the visuals are essential but they must serve to complement, enhance and assist the content to be enjoyable and relatable to your audiences.

9. Enjoy

It is important to keep in mind that all the above pointers before starting a video project or campaign. As you working through the process, paying attention to the details and planning well, before you know it you have produced an amazing video, with an awesome ROI that justifies the investment made. But the experience and the journey of making a video is an enjoyable one so have fun and experience the process to the fullest!