Mini-Documentary Series: Discovering Langkawi with Irshad Mobarak



Following the successful launch of the publication Discovering Langkawi with Irshad Mobarak, the documentary team from SCM Asia was engaged to craft stories of mini-documentaries adapting to the book in collaboration with our well respected naturalist Mr. Irshad Mobarak.

Filmed over 12 months, Discovering Langkawi with Irshad Mobarak: The Mini-Documentary Series is a ten-episode armchair voyage of the enchanting archipelago. Join host Irshad Mobarak as he takes you on an intimate journey through Langkawi where you will get to experience the rich fauna and flora biodiversity found in its forests.

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About The Mini-Documentary Series

Find out how the island of Langkawi was formed millions of years ago, meet stones that are over 1 billion years old, get to know some of nature’s cleaners and artists like the sand bubbler crab, learn more about the fascinating mudskipper, witness the beauty of the migratory birds on their annual visit. Also, find out why the Strangling Fig Tree is so misunderstood, why the mangroves are called “The Kings of Adaptability”, how man and nature live in balance and why it is important to preserve our natural heritage at all costs.