How To Really Choose A Good Production House

How To Really Choose A Good Production House

Everyone knows the importance of video for marketing, some companies use an internal team to execute them while others engage a professional team to assist them in creating their story. But hiring a professional team can be daunting as there are differences in budget, creatives, manpower and experiences.

Each has their own variable. So how would anyone choose?

What are the criteria for choosing a great production house?

Instead of relying on unproductive and incertain reasons to choose a video production house, here are some tips and best ways of choosing a production house.


It may seem too good to be true and it is really simple. Think about it, when hiring staff, an employer would call the references of a potential employee and ask about the situation of their previous experience, from there the employer then can tell the pros and cons of the potential employee.

The question is, why not a production house?

It is the same as hiring High-value employees. We should always check and assess the testimonies and the references. If they’re good, acknowledge them, because for a client to actually write testimonies or acknowledge a proposed testimony it requires a fair bit of commitment from a client. Think about it, it is already a challenge to get customers to review regular home products that we usually buy. Now a production house is requesting testimony that is being rendered by a client and customer who is probably extremely busy doing daily grinds and suggesting how well the production house has done, it is definitely an effort. This would probably tell you that their client paid an effort to actually write or review testimony on their behalf. 


Many clients tend to choose a production house that has a very specific experience based upon not just their industry but a specific angle that they want. With this a production house is required to produce a reference that is closest to the industry that they are pitching for this is very counterproductive and counterintuitive. As a client,  choosing a specific reference means that you’re not seeking an open mind, opportunities and creative ideas. It’s always better to pick a vast experience than a selective one. A Production house that has a vast experience with a variety of creatives and execution who may or may not have similar videos to your preference, but they have a huge amount of different experience in creatively is much ideal. As and when they see other more suitable storytelling modes for your video, a good production house will not be afraid to pitch and give an idea towards that similar concept Which is not necessarily, what are you initially wanted but it has a bigger potential and maybe even a better way of telling a story


It is highly imperative that communication between you and the production house you’re engaging in is well communicated and there is a sense of reciprocity. Some production houses have zero sense of the client’s goals as most production house’s goals are to execute as many projects as fast as possible and proceed to the next project because this is where the money is. Therefore it is better as you communicate with a production house, there is a sense of mutual communication and assistance from the production house, and they should show care towards your campaign. A good production house values you not just as a customer they also value you as a partner to create a great campaign. They may not always agree with clients’ thoughts, but they have the success of the campaign in mind and would counter-proposals the best ways to execute what the client’s goals are in a discussion towards the campaign’s success, in summary, “Communicability”

Budget Empathy

there is a big hoo-ha that the cheapest budget is the best choice of production, it is not always the case. The loss of budget may seem attractive but this may prove detrimental to the campaign. The highest budget may seem heavy, but it may prove the best experience that we will get off at a production house. Similar to building a house. We can hire one man to sort everything out cheaply or we can get someone that has a dedicated window specialist, interior designer, tilers, dedicated painter and so on. Hence, budget empathy, because it’s really important to empathise on a client’s needs, expectations and boundaries that the client may or may not have. An example as a client, you may have little to no budget on a particular campaign, but with a good production house they may advise you on how best to execute within that budget and if they are able or unable to execute it. A good production house may also advise you whether it’s necessary to spend more or less. It is not a fixed budget similar to building a home, it is the expertise of a production house to advise you on how best to approach. The idea is to be open with your production house and tell them the challenges that you’re facing or challenges with constraints of management. So that they may advise you on the best ways to approach.

In summary, the conventional idea of choosing a production house has long been gone, it’s still being used today. But it may not yield the results that a client may want. Follow the above tips in choosing a production house. You may find your experience much better. 

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