What makes a video commercial “GOOD” and what makes a video commercial “BAD” ?


There a few criteria to look for when you are creating a commercial.

Firstly is self awareness, these commercials do not hide the fact that they are commercials and they take advantage of this awareness by either showing the humorous side of themselves or being honest in ways that commercial-pretending-not-to-be-a commercial just can’t be,

For example, the Old Spice commercial, it can be completely illogical and doesn’t make any sense by the company knows it. Because they sell nice smelling deodorant and with any cool imagery with an attractive actor is good enough to convey that.

Secondly, will be HUMOUR, Humor is a quality so strange and elusive that those who can make a career out of it become rich and famous. But for thinkers like Freud and Jean-Paul Sartre, it has a very simple essence that can be summed up in a phrase:

“A rupture of expectations”

By setting up expectations in the viewer or listener and then doing something completely unexpected, a commercial can make them laugh, and keep them coming back for more.

Thirdly, is all about Creativity, just like humor, it can be difficult quality to convey. But it won’t be hard to tell a “creative’ commercial apart from an uncreative one, due to creative commercial tend to have new ideas and more genuine artistic merit.

If you are willing to get creative, it requires you to step away from standard, templates, and threads and to find something truly new and unique.

On the other hand, creativity is also plain hard work — for example the Thomas Edison’s quip that “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” Any commercial with artistic merit takes time to conceive, an effort to create, and attention to detail.

Moving on, the next will if it is TOOOOO SERIOUS, if you commercial is way too serious, your views will tend to move away as does not fit their line of interest, for example when McDonalds decides to launch and new advertisement, they will make sure their advertisement is not too serious for their target audience.

Overly serious commercials are the counter-thesis to self-aware ones. Self-aware commercials aren’t trying to be something that they’re not — they’re not trying to make sugar water into a political statement and take credit for movements they have nothing to do with.

Therefore in conclusion, you must take in these few key points when creating a commercial or else you will fall into the categories of BAD commercial and it will effect your company images as well your ROI.