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Corporate Video

“Corporate videos will greatly enhance company’s image and provide the ultimate return on investment.”

Does your organization require a video content or introduction on your website, what about the tv screens in reception? Do you need promotional and marketing material for your sales team or to display in your exhibitions?

Whether you are seeking for a conventional ‘Who We Are’ or ‘Here We Are’ film, SCM Asia will assist you in conveying magnificent Corporate Videos Production.

Your well produced corporate videos will greatly enhance your company’s image and provide the ultimate return on investment for your marketing budget. We express your ideas into reality.

Training Videos

“A powerful way of conveying a message to employees/customers, and provide a cost effective corporate solutions to engage with viewers”

The people in the organizations are most valuable resources. Communicating and developing your staff is essential.

If you are looking for an effective way of conveying a message to your staff, then making use of video and motion graphics is the best approach. It can be for staff recruitment, induction, health and safety, training and development; we can provide creative and cost effective training video solutions that can assist you to achieve your objectives.

Video Testimonial

“Testimonial is an important element when it comes to strengthening your brand or product.”

Credibility is one of the crucial elements for success of your business. The success of the business also depends heavily on word of mouth. A video testimonial will:

Think of video testimonials on internet as the traditional “word of mouth, imagine your client’s testimonials are accessible at every moment from your web site; it could be one of the most powerful forms of advertising and message reinforcement.

Commercial and Adverts

“Digital signage advertising offer a flexible solution to captive audience with personalized creative contents.”

Plasma and LED screens are mostly everywhere these days, from reception areas to coffee shops, banks, airports, media companies, retail outlets and in-store TV networks. Digital signage adverts allow you to create significant first impression and take opportunity to attract audience with the personalized creative content we create for you.

The team at SCM Asia can bring some of the best production skills to your advertising campaign. Our producers, directors, editors and film crews are skilled in managing you TV, web or cinema commercial video production from the creative through to delivery. We produce commercials for digital signage and all forms of screen based advertising.

Product Demos

An effective way of producing a powerful and appealing ‘Product Demonstration’ or ‘How To..’ video.”

People know what a pen is and its functionality. Typically you will have to persuade them that your pen is the one they need. But what if your product is a little different? Could it be the latest technology innovation? Or people are not aware that they should have it? Certainly your product advantage needs to be seen and to be understood.

SCM Asia will work closely with you to understand the unique selling points of your product and suggest creative strategy or treatment that will determine your advantages over your competitors. Our task is to explain your offering, sharpen your audience’s view and deliver the essential call to action

Event Video

“Do you wish to capture events like fashion shows, music events videography, art exhibitions, local video, product launches, award ceremonies coverage? that later possibly to use for your marketing services and advertising activity.”

SCM Asia have a great understanding of the youth culture marketplaces. We have shot fashion shows, parties, music events, and product launches.

Motion Graphic Animation

“An eye catching motion graphic animation for commercials, promos and branding contents.”

SCM Asia produces motion graphics animation for commercials and branded creative content. Our post production team produces innovative motion graphics and animation that follow with your brand and communication strategy.

We can produce motion graphics for web, screen branding, commercial bumpers, broadcast, cinema, IPTV, mobile media and event content that also can be perfectly match into your video productions.

3D Walkthrough Animation

“3D animation is use to aid product visualization, to preview architectural structures, and possibly to showcase product prototypes.”

Animation is a powerful skill to have in our creative instrument. 3D animation video production is widely use for supporting product visualization, showcasing product illustration, architectural structures, and bring prototype models to life.

SCM Asia can produce 3D animations into your existing video footage that will assist you to present and communicate more effectively.


“A powerful way of conveying a message to your staff and effective corporate solutions that engage with your viewers by utilising video and motion graphics”

Let the world know what you wanted to document. A mini-documentary video is a powerful tool that helps corporate companies and organizations to educate or reach new audience and cement relationships with existing audience. They’re especially great as part of your social media programs, and work well for startups as well as established projects.

Documentary videos give your audience an honest, entertaining, and informative glimpse into what makes your idea tick. Docs are polished and professional, while staying honest and relatable. They’re a huge hit: people in today’s social media world want to know about group research, project in progress, and history. A documentary video does this, with class and style, and makes you look great.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production is an innovation that allows filmmakers to capture a film in a digital environment. In other words it is a mix of live footage and computer graphics at the same time, to get real-time feedback, and to make decisions on set about the VFX and animation, all at the sametime.

Virtual production techniques that have been a critical technology for both feature films and episodic content in the international market.

This is done by using game engines like Unreal and Unity, combined with high-power graphics cards, camera tracking, as well as VR and AR, filmmakers are now able to create scenes across the physical and digital worlds.

Potentially this will allow quick decisions such as changes in colour, environment and scenes to happen much faster.

Applicable for any virtual events, stories and shoots that require a location that is much harder to be physically at without compromising in angle choices movement of camera and dynamics of shots.

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