Mobile Technology for Climate Change #CaseForChange



Among the most important ecosystems on earth are the Mangrove forests. Unfortunately they are also the most severely threatened. In this last 50 years, 50% of the world’s Mangrove forests have disappeared due to a variety of reasons. In the Philippines reforesting efforts has been on the progress, but unfortunately the sapling survival rates have been low.


As mobile technology is changing our world for the better so as it transforms live in variety of ways the #CaseForChange is an operation that is devoted to telling these stories,  having influenced by the mobile industry’s goals to be inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


SCM Asia Sdn. Bhd. had the opportunity to assist in producing a video content to support GSMA with the Connected Mangroves project by Ericsson and its mobile network partner Smart Communication. Hosted by Alena Murang, lead by Steven Chee as the director, Winnie Tin the Producer and Justin Wong the Executive Producer. The production of this corporate documentary involves being in the Philippines for a week and in Sabak Bernam for a few days. The crew members including Vincent Peh and Jave Wong had the opportunity to interact with the local communities. For further understanding they explain to the team of the importance of the mangroves and its eco-system for the natural habitat and more especially for the children and families of the local community.


Documentary Director, Steven Chee said that it was a great experience being exposed to the Philippine’s local fisherman and their daily routine, he further describe the wonderful moments that he experienced at the time when he was able to capture amazing scenery and their wildlife especially during the golden hours. Although it was a challenging experience especially this documentary is his maiden directing work, but it was a great experience seeing the video being published.

The Executive Producer and Cinematographer of this video, Justin Wong said that  he will always remember witnessing how the mangroves are strategically located to protect the coastal community from strong waves especially in dangerous condition.


The team also discover how Connected Mangroves project has helped the educating local community to understand what is necessary for the mangroves to maintain healthy growth thanks to mobile technology following the development of IOT. Although the Connected Mangroves project is still at the early stages in the Philippines but they remain positive. This project has been introduced after a very successful trial in Malaysia.

The program In Malaysia is very successful as the sapling survival rate had doubled. Reforestation projects like Connected Mangroves being addressed as among of the most essential solutions to battle against climate change, this is a great achievement.  .

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