Redefining Reality : Traversing culture using VR and AR in creative media


TrueXR is a AR/VR division of SCM ASIA Sdn Bhd, aims to combine the best in visual storytelling, technology, art and interaction to create compelling and immersive VR & AR experiences for people around the world. If you would like more information, visit our website and don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and experience VR first hand.

Presenting ‘Redefining Reality; Traversing Culture between VR and AR Creative Media’ from July 1st – 2nd, 2019.

This two-day event brought together Taiwanese and Malaysian media creators and practitioners and academics to share their experiences and techniques.

TrueXR’s  Justin Wong Wee Hin presented a talk titled “Storytelling in VR”.  Explaining  to the audiences about the major differences of the types of DoF (Degrees of Freedom), they are 3 DoF and 6 DoF. The DoF these are the indications and technical freedom of movement while experiencing the immersive content with the headgear.

A video is then presented on how a different game engine was utilised to simulate the environment of world in the past from his production of the documentary titled “Documentary series about Langkawi Island”.  He further explained and demonstrated the differences between traditional filmmaking and VR filmmaking.

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