Define, Engaging Contents

SCM Asia offering a full range of services from Pre-Production – idea development all the way to Post production for local and international clients. Our fundamental principle that provide the foundation for all of our event:

  • Understanding client’s business and objectives
  • Giving highest level of attention, dedication and commitment to all clients
  • Professionalism, value and creativity

Corporate Profile

Corporate Video

Corporate videos will greatly enhance company’s image and provide ultimate return on investment.

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Training Video

A powerful way of conveying a message to employees/customers, and provide a cost effective corporate solutions to engage with viewers.

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Testimonial Video

Testimonial is an important element when it comes to strengthening your brand or product..

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Marketing and Video Contents

Commercial and Digital Signage

Commercial and Digital signage advertising offer a flexible solution to captive audience with personalized creative contents.

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Product Demo Video

An effective way of producing a powerful and appealing ‘Product Demonstration’ or ‘How To..’ video.

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Event Coverage

We assist you to capture events like symposiums, grand product launches, art exhibitions, film festivals, award ceremonies, that later possibly to use for your marketing and advertising activity.

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Motion Graphics Animation

An eye catching motion graphic animation that follow with your brand and communication strategy.

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3D Animation Walkthrough

3D animation is widely use for supporting product visualization, showcasing product illustration, architectural structures, and bring prototype models to life.

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Factual and Education



Documentary videos give your audience an honest, entertaining, and informative glimpse into what makes your idea tick. Docs are polished and professional, while staying honest and relatable.

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Public Service Announcement (PSA)

A public service ad, with the objective of raising awareness towards a social and environmental issue.

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