What is it about?

Virtual Production is an innovation that allows filmmakers to capture a film in a digital environment. In other words it is a mix of live footage and computer graphics at the same time, to get real-time feedback, and to make decisions on set about the VFX and animation, all at the sametime.

Virtual production techniques that have been a critical technology for both feature films and episodic content in the international market.

This is done by using game engines like Unreal and Unity, combined with high-power graphics cards, camera tracking, as well as VR and AR, filmmakers are now able to create scenes across the physical and digital worlds.

Potentially this will allow quick decisions such as changes in colour, environment and scenes to happen much faster.

Applicable for any virtual events, stories and shoots that require a location that is much harder to be physically at without compromising in angle choices movement of camera and dynamics of shots.