Videos For Stakeholders

Videos For Stakeholders

Everyone knows the important uses of video for their businesses. But sometimes videos are used for other purposes. For example, You may be working for a global conglomerate, large corporation or a corporate entity, and you may use videos to present for your company stakeholders. Now you may be wondering how we should approach and prepare our content to present to our bosses and stakeholders. Here a few tips on how to prepare and produce videos for your stakeholders.


This may sound rudimentary but it needs to be said. There cannot be multiple goals for one video and the goal must be specific because different stakeholders have different expectations. Some stakeholders want to see the growth progress of a company, but some stakeholders would like to see the future trends and development of a company. Defining this clear expectation allows an agency to better pitch and prepare your content for the video. You may however have a hierarchy of goals, for example, the main priority of a said video may be used to present the future growth of your company, then the second priority may be the current progress of your company, when done creatively you’ll be able to see that Major storyline of the video hinges upon the future growth with a hint of the current situation of your company.


Having known your target audience and understanding their expectations, it is now much easier to understand your stakeholder’s needs, goals and desires for their investments. Because now we can then decide the treatment and story approach of your investor. Some may prefer high-energy impact videos, or the majority prefer soft touch and heartwarming videos, or some would just prefer a plain straight corporate video, straight to the point about your value proposition, these play is a big part in creating a treatment and story that is suitable for each individual target.


Having gone through the first two steps. It is now time to go through the mountains of information that your company and business have. As we all know, most companies have a large amount of information but very little time to put into the videos therefore, with clear goals and a clear story approach now you can set a limit on how many key contents points to be included, otherwise if we add all of the information into one content, you would have a feature film length worth of a corporate video, and you may potentially lose the attention of your stakeholders as it will be too long. As best practice, we recommend a video that is not longer than three minutes to a maximum of four minutes. Do remember there is a need to balance between a presentation and an engaging video. A video is meant to complement your presentation for your stakeholders. It’s not to be used as an entire presentation which would potentially bore your stakeholders.

Clear Call To Action

Everyone presumes a call to action only works for brand and commercial videos but the same is true for videos to the stakeholders. It is also essential to say what you hope happens after seeing the video. What would they need to do after having seen your videos? This may be a step nearer to signing that big deal or a clearer understanding of the presentation that’s going to come next or sign up for the effort or cause that you’re looking for.

In summary, preparing a video for stakeholders and investors may seem daunting, maybe unexpected, however, do not be afraid as the expectation is clearly closer to the same

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