The Power of Sound Design in Corporate Videos

The Power of Sound Design in Corporate Videos

Often, when we think about producing a corporate video, we tend to prioritize visual elements above all else. However, there’s another aspect that is equally vital, if not more so: sound.

Sound breathes life into visuals, making them convincing and impactful. Without sound, a video can feel flat and lifeless. Sound adds depth and dimension, transforming the video into a full sensory experience.

When we dive into the audible elements in videos, we refer to music, voices, ambient noises, and other various audio cues that evoke memories or emotions in the audience, giving them an anchor to ground themselves in the story your video is telling.

A well-placed, subtle, or memorable sound effect, music, or narration can highlight a key message for the audience. For instance, think of the sound you associate with a cool fizzy drink like Coca-Cola. First thing that came into our mind is the poppingf a can followed by the fizzing bubbles. Or consider the sound effect for locking the screen on your device—does the click of a padlock come to mind?

In the context of corporate video, if we showcase the company’s state-of-the-art equipment, the sounds of machinery and tools can make the scene feel more authentic and impressive. Similarly, if the video highlights customer testimonials, subtle background sounds like birds chirping or city ambiance can make the testimonials feel more genuine and relatable.

Visual cues are important for conveying your branding message to your audience, and sound can deliver the same effect, often complementing the visuals even more.

Next time you’re planning a corporate video, ensure you’ve considered the following:

  1. Music: Sets the tone and mood of the video.
  2. Narration/Voiceover: Brings out key messages.
  3. Sound Effects: Breathe life into the video, making it believable.

Lastly, consider incorporating moments of silence into the video. Silence can create a powerful impression and help pin a message in the audience’s mind.

As mentioned earlier, sound is as crucial as its visual counterpart in video production, if not more. So, as you prepare your next corporate video, give sound the attention it deserves to create a truly immersive and memorable experience for your audience.

Elevating Your Brand and Engaging Your Audience

The Usefulness of Video Production: Elevating Your Brand and Engaging Your Audience

In this fast-moving digital landscape, video marketing is an essential tool for all businesses especially when looking to engage and connect with their audiences, increase brand visibility and get more positive responses from audiences’ decisions. From the perspective of marketing, education or training the applications of video are vast and variable depending on your objective. Here we dive into the different benefits of video production and how it can transform your sales, business and marketing.

The Power of Video Production

1. Enhanced Engagement

Video content is generally more engaging than text or any image in particular. It will provide a better experience that captures audiences and it is more dynamic. It combines visual and audio elements which in turn creates Videos that are dynamic, engaging and relatable to your audiences. According to recent studies, viewers retain 95% of messages when it is in a video format rather than just 10% when reading in text.


  • Captivates Attention: Videos have a better chance of capturing and holding viewers’ attention making it a better and effective tool to convey important and decision-changing messages.
  • Emotional Connection: Videos can also tap into your audience’s emotions and create a deeper connection with your audience, through storytelling music and other visuals as well.

2. Improved SEO and Online Visibility

Search engines prioritize websites with video content, making video content a tool that is much more powerful, especially for SEO improvement and engagement. Videos can also raise the visitor’s time spent on your website. Reducing bounce rates and also significantly improving the overall experience of your website. This will aid the better ranks of search engines.


  • Higher Rankings: Good and well-optimized videos can help your website ranking which in turn drive more organic traffic.
  • Increased Click-Through Rates: Videos with thumbnails in search results can attract more clicks compared to regular text links. This can help increase your website visibility and traffic.

3. Higher Conversion Rates

Videos have really high and good conversion rates. Videos are highly effective at converting viewers into customers. Including video on your main landing page can also increase conversions up to 80%, Product videos and educational videos about your content can help 80% of conversion rate. Making them more inclined to make purchases.


  • Clear Communication: Video can give good explanations on your complex products or services. This can help advice in a simple and engaging method of helping your potential clients to make better and informed decisions.
  • Building Trust: Video builds trust and good credibility. This can be good to showcase real people, good testimonials and good behind-the-scenes that will make your business more credible and trustworthy.

4. Versatility Across Platforms

Video content can be reused and repurposed to be shared across multiple platforms. From websites, and social media channels to email marketing campaigns and even digital ads. This is extremely versatile and can maximize your reach to impact your content.


  • Broad Reach: Sharing videos across multiple different platforms can increase your content search potential.
  • Consistent Messaging: Video can help bring good consistent messages across different channels as well.

5. Educational and Training Tools

Videos can be used as a great tool for educational and training content. They simplify complex subjects and give step-by-step instructions on what to do. While offering a good visual demonstration making them the best tool to use for both internal and external customer education.

Practical Applications of Video Production

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are important for internal and external use of communications. They are used for training, updates, recruitment, and even investor relationship content. Great quality corporate video helps to convey a professional message in a very high quality position making your business stand out.

Marketing and Advertising

Video marketing is a great way to promote your products or services. From commercials and branding video, promotional videos to social media content and influencer collaborations, these videos can drive good brand awareness, hype and sales. .

Documentary Videos

Documentary videos offer a deep understanding of the subjects of interest by the business, this can provide good information while being engaging at the same time, this content can educate and inspire your audience. They are very effective for storytelling, giving a comprehensive understanding of your business and raising awareness on important issues.


Video production is a versatile and powerful tool to use as a marketing enhancer for your business. It can also transform your business to a better enhancement of engagement, improving SEO, increasing conversion rates, and giving much more valuable educational content. So whether you’re looking to boost your marketing efforts, streamline corporate communications, or enhance customer support, investing in high-quality video production can deliver significant benefits.

At SCM ASIA SDN BHD we specialize in creating engaging high-quality corporate videos, documentary videos, and other high-impact video content that meets your specific needs and goals. Contact us today to learn how our video production services can elevate your brand and engage your audience.

The Future of Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

The Future of Video Marketing: Trends to Watch in 2024

As 2024 has reached its midway point and we are going through it in this massive change of times. The landscape of video marketing continues to change and evolve in a very fast momentum. Businesses that adapt and change will be able to stay ahead of the emerging trends and will be able to utilize video content to engage audiences and target markets which will enhance better brand visibility and will drive much bigger growth. Let’s explore and look into the second half of 2024 to better understand the changes in technology that are to come

Emerging Trends in Video Marketing

1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR technology are changing and revolutionizing the new way businesses create and deliver new video content. AR and VR enhance new experiences and environments that overlay new digital content and immersive experiences. This gives a deeper 360 experience that transportation viewers to new immersive experiences in a new setting.

How AR/VR Benefits Businesses:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: AR and VR create better interactive and immersive experiences that can capture and hold audiences’ attention as this will provide better product demonstration, tours and a lot of experiential marketing campaigns that allow the audience to experience deeper.
  • Personalized Experiences: AR can offer a more personalized experience based on the content and user interaction that enhances customers’ joy and loyalty engagement.
  • Innovative Storytelling: VR allows brands to also tell a different immersive experience, brands can now tell new and engaging ways providing a sense of relativity and connection. That gives connections that many traditional videos cannot do.

2. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are a new powerful trend that is coming up with the tools available to do interactive storytelling that the audience can select and move the story forward allowing the audience to dictate the story’s start and ending. This fun element can add polls, puzzles and clickable stories to have better decision-making options. Ultimately allowing audiences to make their own path to decide the story. .

How Interactive Videos Benefit Businesses:

  • Increased Engagement: Viewers are most likely to better engage with interactive videos. This will get higher retention and longer viewing time
  • Data Collection: Interactive elements can also be good at capturing data of audiences’ patterns and behaviors. Helping businesses to refine their marketing strategies and alignment to their respective target audiences.
  • Enhanced Learning and Training: interactive videos are highly educational and effective for educational content, this allows viewers to instantly get response from their decisions

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Video Production

AI is also a new transformative era that is changing the landscape of video marketing. AI transforms video production into an automated process from physically editing, shooting and editing into all automated processes. AI can move and identify future trends and optimize video performance into more personalized content.

How AI Benefits Businesses:

  • Efficient Production: AI can automate tedious task such as editing process, adding subtitles and content curation.
  • Personalization: AI can analyze algorithms and use viewer data to make personalized video recommendations and tailored content to increase different engagement.
  • Performance Optimization: AI can also predict the types of content that can best be performed on a particular platform and audiences.

How These Trends Benefit Businesses

Enhanced Engagement and Retention

The immersive nature of these technologies can make interaction much more fun and personalized. This can also contribute to better engagement  and retention. Businesses can have a better connection to their audiences. In turn generating better relevance to their audiences and business. This will give better ROI with more effective use of their budget especially when it is used effectively.


The future of video marketing in this year of 2024 is bright with new technology emerging. New businesses need to adapt new ideas and thoughts to better make new technology beneficial for your business. As the landscape changes so the media and business need to change and adapt. Use this tool to move forward in your strategy to success.

For businesses looking to partner with a professional video production company like SCM ASIA SDN BHD can provide the expertise and resources needed to create cutting-edge content. Contact us today to learn how we can help you leverage the latest video marketing technologies to achieve your business goals.

The Power of Video Production Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

The Power of Video Production: Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s era digital content is vastly consumed at a very fast rate, videos are emerged as an essential ingredient of good and effective marketing strategies. But there is a need to better understand the different aspect of video production this will help business of all sizes to properly leverage this powerful tool or medium to better connect to their audiences and have greater boost of engagement ultimately drive conversersions 

Why Video Production is Essential

  1. Improve Engagement: Video content is generally more engaging than just text or images. It is a combination of visual and hearing elements to convey a message and a story which makes it easier to capture and retain the audience’s attention. According to studies, viewers retain 95% of messages when watching a video than just reading a text. 
  2. Improve SEO: Search engines prioritize websites with video content. Which can significantly improve your site’s ranks. Videos can raise the amount of time visitors spend on your website when negotiating your website. This is a key factor in SEO algorithms. Plus optimized videos with important keywords, description and tags can better import your visibility and search results. 
  3. Higher Conversions Rates: Videos are a great tool to explain complex products and services in a simple and engaging method. This includes a good landing page which can boost a good conversion way about 75% because videos can help build trust and credibility which proves good information to your customers, which gives interns a better idea on making informed decisions.  
  4. Better Social Media Reach: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many others do prioritize video in their algorithms. In comparison to other media videos are most likely to be shared this is because of their algorithms. Plus this can increase your reach and engagement, with Live videos you can interact with your audiences live generating real time connection with your audiences. 

Types of Videos to Boost Your Business

  1. Explainer Videos: These are short, engaging videos that allow a good short explanation of your product and services. They are perfect for short simplified complex ideas and highlighting key features and benefits.
  2. Customer or Testimonials: This video format is great for showcasing satisfied customers which can build good and credible trust on your brand. They provide some social proof that can influence your potential audiences to conversion decisions. 
  3. Product Demos and Behind the Scenes: This demonstrates the functions and benefits of your services and product action. These videos are great and effective to showcase the working team and quality that goes into your product and services. Allowing the audience to see the human aspect of your operation and the thought process that includes it.

The Video Production Process

The process of video production is separated into 3 main topics they are:

  1. Pre-Production: this phase includes planning, conceptualizing and ideation of the video, this is a key step that includes development of scripts, creating a storyboard and scheduling of shoot. This is an important step to identify key messages to your target audience. 
  2. Production: This is the actual filming or shooting process. This is a step involving equipment and key specialist to light, professional operators to film and also directors to direct the set. Price may vary depending on the resources and team needed.  
  3. Post Production: Finally the editing stage. This includes editing, cutting the unnecessary parts, adding sound, music and sound effects. This comes with necessary incorporating graphics, animation and color correction. End gold is to polish the video to be engaging and attractive. 

After producing the content video the next step is now to distribute it via the necessary platform. Key considerations are platform audiences, length, behavior and uses. 

How to Choose the Right Video Production Company

Investing in a good professional video production team is the key to significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your targeted videos. These companies bring expertise, skills, experiences and equipment. Sometimes cheaper doesn’t mean good as it may have a lack of experience. Either does expensive means good as they may be unreasonable. The best is to consider the following important factors when choosing a production  house.

  1. Portfolio: Review their past work and assess their style and quality. Do they have enough experiences that suit you?
  2. Experience: Do they have a vast amount of experience? As not because they have 1 that suits your industry the best. Which could also mean they would have a challenge to create something more unique or different from what you would like. 
  3. Testimony: Do they have good reviews from clients
  4. Communication: Do they communicate and try to understand your vision?


Video production is a powerful tool that can transform your brand, product and services for your marketing strategy and drive business growth by conversion. This is from understanding the benefits and types of video content, and investing in professional production, you can create compelling videos that engage your audience and achieve your business goals.

For more information on how to leverage video production for your business, contact today. Let us help you create videos that captivate and convert.

The Growing Importance of Video in Corporate Communication

The Growing Importance of Video in Corporate Communication

In this new age generation with the rise of digital advancement and AI, it becomes challenging for businesses to capture and retain audiences’ attention. End was the era of cold calling and many traditional methods of corporate communication as they found a big challenge to stand out within the flood of new engaging content. To tackle this challenge many companies are turning into new and creative video production as a strategy to convey their message and reachout to more audiences. This allows companies to capture more attention and also provides a good complement to their respective platform.    

This new generation and era digital media has shifted the landscape of corporate video and communication, Video as a powerful medium of engagement that is capable of combining visual, auditory and emotional elements. This creates rich and engaging content that will enhance experiences. In contrast to static images, video can convey complex messages.

Video has emerged as a powerful medium, capable of combining visual, auditory, and emotional elements to create a rich and engaging experience. Unlike text or static images, video can convey complex messages in a manner that is both easily digestible and memorable. This makes it an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to communicate their values, mission, and offerings in a compelling way.

Studies show that video content has a higher chance to be consumed and shared in comparison to most other media forms. According to Cisco video traffic will account for more than 82% of all internet traffic in 2022.This proves that video contents are being consumed more than many internet content.

Key Benefits of Many Engaging Videos

Enhanced Engagement and Retention.

Engaging video will capture the viewer’s attention more effectively than text and static imagings. Combining dynamic visuals, sound, and storytelling a good video can hold a good audience interest and convey a great message. Studies also show that viewers can have the potential 95% retention of content and the message. Compared to the other 10% this shows how much more retention rate that video can potentially have.

Improved Brand Perception

Quality Video production value can highly improve and enhance the company’s brand perception. Well produced videos can reflect the professionalism and attention to the quality, detail and attention presented on the video, with more creative and  engaging videos this will also encourage brands to appear more approachable and creative. Helping to build a positive image to the minds of many viewers.

Effective Communication of Complex Information

Videos are an excellent platform to explain complex information in a short and clear manner. Through visuals and animation with complementing voice and music. Videos can break down the detailed concepts into easy biteable segments. This is useful for business in technical or specialized fields in a more consumable manner. Especially like tutorials and explainer videos.

To enhance the impact of the corporate video it is essential to adopt a strategy to approach here are some tips.

Focus on Storytelling

Storytelling is the heart of all effective video and content production. Rather than simply presenting facts or details. This will help navigate your audiences and respective communities, your brand and its value. As stories will resonate more to viewers and provide a long lasting impression.

Invest in High Production Values

Good production values are important for creating a professional and polished video. Investing in a professional team or equipment is important this will significantly enhance your overall look and feel of the video also portray a positive brand and ensure that the good message is conveyed effectively.

Optimize for Different Platforms

Each platform has a different need and requirements. It is important to optimize for the respective use. Some may have different aspect ratio or sound expectation or some with limited length all these require to take into consideration. As different audiences will usually be present at one platform more than the other.

In conclusion

An innovating and engaging video is a game changer especially in the sphere of corporate video and corporate communication. This will allow you to leverage the power of video for your business enhancement. By leveraging on videos your business will be presented as a strong front of head memory for your audiences. It allows you to fully utilise many different uses of platforms and storytelling methods. Especially in the digital world businesses must create creative and compelling video for their business. 

Five Essential Steps in Choosing Your Video Production Partner

Five Essential Steps in Choosing Your Video Production Partner

Introduction:  We all know the importance of video content in our business but selecting the right video production company is important to get the desired results, experiences, impact and quality for your video project. This guide helps explain key factors you should consider to ensure you make the best choice.

1. Clear Objectives and Budget Compatibility:  It is important to start by having a clear understanding of what you want your video to accomplish, whether it’s boosting brand awareness, launching a product, or providing education. At the same time establishing a budget up front. Transparent discussions about costs with potential partners will help you avoid overspending and ensure that the company can deliver within your financial expectations.

2. Portfolio Analysis: A video production’s portfolio is crucial especially when assessing their capability and style. Instead of looking for specific type, look for diversity in their projects and attention to quality in both visuals and sound. This will allow you to know that although the company covers various styles and executions, they all have great output.

3. Client Testimonials, Case Studies and Independent Reviews: While testimonials on a company’s website are helpful, sometimes case studies and independent reviews give a better insight into the service rendered. Some production houses may have a different work culture that may or may not suit you. Case studies allow us to see the different challenges faced and resolved by the video production team. As filming on set, dealing with challenges is part of the duty of a video production company. There are never the same challenges.

4. Evaluate Communication and Project Management: Effective communication is fundamental to a successful video project. Assess how the production company communicates with you and your team during the initial interactions. Are they prompt, clear, understanding of your business nature and professional? Also, about filming and creative process, including timelines, milestones, and how they manage their feedback and revisions. This will help you understand if they can manage your project smoothly and efficiently.

5. Technical Expertise and Creative Alignment: Finally, assess the technical capabilities of the company. It is advisable to ask about the equipment that they have and the editing software they use, ensuring they are utilizing some current and industry standards set up, not from the 1950s. Also, consider if their creative approach aligns with your brand’s identity and the message you wish to convey. If they miss the mark a it is always advisable to realign again to ensure alignment and creative unity. If the partner is “my way or no way” you may have to reconsider the parting team. A company that stays updated with the industry standards while offering a creative match for your vision will likely produce favourable results.

Conclusion: Choosing the right video production company involves a careful blend of assessing technical skills, creative alignment, budget compatibility, and client relations. Talk to us more at

The Evolution of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

The Evolution of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is ever-evolving. Storytelling has been transforming repeatedly in this era at a very fast speed. Gone are the days of linear static one-way communication. Today it is all about narrative and story. Not just information but emotional connection with your audiences.  This is where the power of video content thrives and shines, it offers a multi-level and multi-sensory experience rather than just a singular experience. It is more engaging than regular text and traditional images. Here are some ways we must consider our marketing in 2024

  • Embracing Authenticity Through Video

In this era of technology and cybernetics, a new AI world. Our consumers value authenticity even more. It forms a real-life customer testimony to your brand. From testimonials to behind-the-scenes efforts, these contents build trust that some overly refined, clean and polished contents can’t display. It is about content that viewers can see, feel and genuinely relate to that breaks the barrier between brand and consumer.

  • The Technical Edge in Professional Video Production

Technical value in video production is not just a nice-to-have element, it is really a necessity. As there are a large amount of views that may be exposed to various content available over the internet. There ought to be a comparison of production value. It aids audiences to relate better to the story, message and feel. It helps keep viewers engaged with the content.

  • Adapting to Platform-Specific Content

There are a multitude of different social media platforms nowadays. Each caters to diverse audiences. From YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and many more. Each has its own target audience. So some that prefer content on YouTube may not fancy content from TikTok for their personal preferences. Therefore finding the right balance between platform and content is essential.

  • Staying Ahead with Emerging Technologies

New technology is constantly being showcased to use almost on the daily. As marketers and content providers, it is necessary to keep up as emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are setting new benchmarks in video content. It offers different experiences that traditional video may not be able to offer. Some are more immersive than others.

Conclusion: The Future of Video in Marketing

Digital marketing’s future lies in its ability to tell compelling stories and engagements. It’s more than just promoting content that may attract viewers. It is also about exploring new technology, new methods of telling a story or different storytelling ideas.

How to measure corporate video’

How To Measure Corporate Video’s ROI

Corporate videos are common use today and play a crucial role in many presentations delivering messages and launching a new idea or a business.  Although it has significant advantages, the main challenge is determining its return on investment ROI. This is because corporate videos can potentially be very expensive but hard to measure as there is no proper platform to present them with a great tracking analytics system. Today the common tracking analytic system that is being used is of the common social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. But corporate videos are commonly represented face-to-face to an audience. Here are some methods that we can explore on the strategies for business-to-business that can measure their return on investment of the corporate videos.

A Clear Objective

Before getting into ways to measure a great return on investment it is very important to establish an absolutely crystal clear objective for each video that’s been presented, each objective must have a clearly intended goal that is defined and very specific if the goal is not specific enough the idea of tracking or identifying the return of investment gets harder and harder. Whether it’s to educate employees about new processes and methods or influence potential clients to make a specific investment decision or present a brand’s product and services, a well-defined purpose sets a great opening and meaningful evaluation. 

This process involves collaborating between the company and the agency or production team to ensure clear and aligned goals between everyone and allows the team to customise its video theme style and treatment accordingly. For example, if the objective is to give good educational content to the employees to work more efficiently on a particular machinery creative team will start to track the targeted potential employees and before-and-after response perhaps by time perhaps by if it’s efficiency or perhaps by the retention rate on a turn-around rate of employment. This conversion rate allows a company to know the response of the video’s return of the video’s investment one way or the other just by simply setting a clear and defined objective.


Feedbacks are a great source of data when measuring the return yield of corporate video production. These can be a form of question and answers by a form or a Q&A session. Allowing quantitative metrics to be measured right at your presentation moment. In this case, as feedback is being presented after the video has been shown these can be considered as a data being remarked,  with more data equal to more feedback which will allow you to have a larger number on the statistic and better survey options.

This process should be conducted right immediately after the video is presented to enable attendees to provide real-time feedback as this is just newly presented therefore the memories are fresh, and their ideas are genuine ideas on the forefront of their minds. The questions however should focus on the clarity of the video effectiveness of the message delivery and how much influence a video has upon the decision-making at all. The questions also can be used to enquire about the alignment and goals of the company and the viewers. If it is not then steps and actions can be taken on a management level.

Engagement Analysis

During a video presentation, measuring the audience’s engagement during its presentation about the content of the video and seeing if it captures the attention and interest of the audience is one of the ways to measure its impact. This metric can be done by analysing the questions being asked during the presentation, monitoring discussions after the video has been presented among the attendees, and various social listening tools can be used to assess if there is an online response. If it is an offline response teams may dispatch around key areas to actively listen and to discuss with fellow audiences. Audiences who are engaged in the topics of the video are likely to return with the information and act accordingly. Resulting in a successful corporate video. Therefore we should aim to captivate audiences and lead them into a desired action.

In summary, measuring the return on investment of a corporate video presented in meetings or a physical setting requires a multifaceted methodology to consider the digital quantitative and physical quantitative data. This can only be achieved by a clearly defined objective, gathering great and distinctive feedback, analysing and assessing the engagement throughout the event or if it’s an online setting then it will be an online digital assessment and engagement impact analysis that the video has according to the audiences, ideally to make a more desired action towards your video. Understanding these strategies and methodology may prove to be a powerful tool in optimising the videos that are meant by your company.

Brand Using Corporate And Commercial Videos

A Multifaceted Approach For Your Brand Using Corporate And Commercial Videos

In this new and dynamic evolving world in corporate sectors and commercial entities the change of marketing uses is rapidly evolving videos and commercials are used as a multipurpose tool that embodies creativity, the technology of the company and the psychology to captivate your audiences. As a pioneer video production company, we want to craft compelling stories and relate to tell a narrative and produce great storytelling for your company. Here are some of the benefits why videos can offer to boost your brand both in identity and influence to your audience.

Deep Audience Connection By Emotive Storytelling

We have come to an era where human emotions are the main core of all businesses. In order to generate relevance to your brand, your efforts, the cause of the company, corporate videos and commercials allow us to transcend that sphere of tapping into the core human emotions. These emotions allow companies to garner loyalty and transform viewers into customers. With These progressive steps, the company’s growth will be on a positive trajectory. But what is emotive storytelling? Emotive storytelling is a process of finding and searching and most importantly understanding the core emotion of your audiences. Allowing us to transform from just audiences into customers. When we are able to identify what emotions or what drives that decision creating a story or content based on the drive would be beneficial to drive the video into an emotive storytelling

From Complex Information To Simplify Emotions

Every company and business has extensive information about their services or products to a level of detail that can not be missed. However, it’s important to translate these details into simple information for our audiences to relate to. Corporate videos and commercials allow complex information to be digested with elegance and simplicity. It is through simplicity that audiences can better digest and acknowledge the information that your company has and applies it to their own values. The method of transforming complex information into simplified emotions requires great scrutiny of core important points to be included in the video. These core important points are then required to be rescripted into the needs of our audiences. However, if there is too long of information it will be overwhelming and potentially bore our audiences, as a rule of thumb it is one page per minute so a corporate video is encouraged to not have more than 3 minutes therefore a three-pager script would be suitable for a corporate video Malaysia.

Cinematic And Aesthetics Perception

As a video production company, we commit to the excellence of your video. We identify that it is important to have great aesthetics and cinematic brilliance for your brand. Besides an intensive preparation behind the scenes, there is a need to identify the perspective of your audiences and the desire to which you are targeted. Therefore it is important to elegantly create an aesthetic experience that suits and relates to your audience. As an example, if your audiences are towards elegant product purchases The video then requires us to prepare aesthetically to suit an elegant approach.

The Future Of Immersive Experiences

With the advancement of technology, corporate videos and now transforming into a sphere of augmented and virtual reality applications this allows personalised storytelling that can relate and immerse consumers into the brand of your storytelling. By immersing audiences into this immersive experience it allows connection and it fast is the level of brand loyalty that may be beneficial for the business. Immersive experience technology has yet to be fully discovered there is a lot of potential for bigger growth in all sectors it is advisable for companies to start venturing into it and understand the potential to grow from the immersive experience

Finally, beyond the surface of aesthetic and visual captivation great content is important to include in a corporate video or a commercial video is a multifaceted approach that requires more than beyond conventional marketing. Emotions, creating simplicity, and generating brand audiences, are essential to a video. As a video production house, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of getting great content to your audiences. We would consider the order points above in order to maximise the potential of the videos that we are about to embark on.